the tourmaliners in italy!

surfer joe summer festival!

Here come THE TOURMALINERS, live at the Surfer Joe Summer Festival on Friday 21 June! A band that you are gonna love, they have been carrying around VERY successfully their sound which starts from the trad surf music, but evolves it with melodic rock influences. Absolutely amazing!

Already winners of the "Best Rock Album" at the San Diego Awards and "Album of the Year" for Pipeline Magazine with their record "Surfidia", they will come to Livorno for the first time.


The Tourmaliners "Sufidia" Album

On The Grammy Awards Ballot

The Tourmaliners are STOKED to have been added to the preliminary ballot for consideration to be nominated for a GRAMMY for ‘Best Contemporary Instrumental Album’ for our recent offering “Surfidia.”


Pipeline Instrumental Review (UK)

2023 Album Of The Year Award

Thank you Pipeline Instrumental Review (UK) for their 2023 “Album Of The Year” award for The Tourmaliners “Surfidia” album. A special thank you to our UK friends Alan Taylor, Dave Burke and our UK fans for this honor! For those in Europe/UK be sure to pick up the 12” Ocean Blue Vinyl on our Bandcamp or CD’s at our UK distributor Leo’s Den Music Direct at

New Album "Surfidia"

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On “Surfidia”, The Tourmaliners blend the raw instrumental guitar sounds of Dick Dale, Link Wray, and The Ventures mixed with tiki vibrations and spy gyrations… all while watching a cool Spaghetti Western from outer space. Surfidia also features guest musicians Ron Blair of Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Eddie Angel of Los Straitjackets and Bob Spalding of the Ventures.

The album is a co-release between Sharawaji Records & Pacific Records. Produced by Miles Clowminzer (Johnny Tarr Quartet, Billy Nation), was recorded over a nine-month period in 2021-22 in San Diego, CA. The principal songwriters and arrangers are The Tourmaliner’s guitarist Deven Berryhill, bass player & guitarist Matt Clowminzer and Miles Clowminzer. The Tourmaliners drummer John MacElwee, guitarist Joe Dameron and keyboardist Ina Soliz perform their respective parts to round out the album. Miles also contributes various guitar, drum, keyboard and sound design elements throughout.

The album cover is taken from a painting by punk rock artist and surfer Brian Bent. During the recording, the band would often derive inspiration from Brian’s painting to help create the album’s sonic landscape.

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